September Resolutions!

I think september is a good resolution time. I have been obviously institutionlised by school to feel that september is the start of the new year [as an aside, isn't it odd how many different year starts we have - 3 official ones, with the january date new year, the financial year - argh must do tax return!, and the schooling year]. Anyway, my resolution is to blog. It doesn’t matter that I am going hell for leather writing stuff and answering work emails etc when the girls go to bed [or alternatively falling asleep on the sofa!], even if it is a ‘micro blog’ I must write something.

Summer has had some fabulous high points to it, not least the olympics and paralympics, but also a great camping holiday, visiting friends, visiting family. My girls are growing up. SB def has the figure and attitudes of a teen, if somewhat precociously, and I am all too aware that she is in the final phase before fledging. BB is still a snuggly child, but at 7 this won’t last forever either. I have loved all stages and all incarnations of my girls, but if i don’t blog, i might just miss out on remembering them.

SO yes, I am starting a blogathon! please cheer me on!!

2 responses to “September Resolutions!

  1. Yeah!! I should take the same pledge and get back to it!

  2. it is really difficult after a gap, and quite stilted at the mo! hoping to get back into a flow tho :) thankyou for commenting

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