2 faces of a mum

as we approach BB’s birthday, anniversary of blog, joining the home ed community etc I have been thinking of how differently i approached mothering second time round. relaxed, more confident, willing to take the path of least resistance ;) and loving it rather than worrying it. BB for her birthday has a photo book, which she hopes that she will use to be able to control her emotions and calm down. She got it early, and it seems possible that it might help on early use. SB thought the book a fab idea, and although hers cant be all baby photos as she was predigital for 2 years ;) she is looking forward to it. Both books start with a newborn :)


here i am, exhausted, proud, hppy, slightly nervous! a really crap pregnancy and not the most ideal birth, but we did it! She is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. I am a bit overwhelmed. only able to have photo with me when tidied up and back on the postnatal ward.


here i am, nearly 4 years on for number 2. I am more confident, more ‘in control’ happy to birth in a pool, mostly naked and welcome my second confident that i haven’t as yet managed to destroy number 1! tho not always been the best. better pregnancy, far better birth. here we are, a few seconds after birth

I wonder how birth order and my different starts and approaches have affected the girls. I am very blessed by my gorgeous, and different daughters and so glad to have had the joy of motherhood.

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  1. Gorgeous pics both :) x

  2. Lovely post and pictures xxx

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