Get that Christmas started :)

today was lighting up day where we live, and our house hosts some of the lighting :) so always exciting. SInce we live rurally and no megabucks, the lights are plugged into our sockets! we used to have to buy the xmas tree too, but now the lights committee buy that :) so we belted out xmas carols eating mince pies, including bb being happy to go with other kids to sing away in a manger. SB was helping the guides hand out the words. It was pretty chilly! father christmas handed out sweets – always a success!

was a bit hard for me tho, as as evening began I had some huge muscle spasm thing going on [i presume] which has only settled down as day ended. not been doing anything crazy, so not sure what would set it off, but couldn’t do a good singing breath.

earlier in the day, the girls and I took an idea from Zoes blog to make christmas cards. we used watercolours and then biro ;) and SB and I got stuck in straight away, but BB had a bit of crisis before deciding how and what she wanted to do. Due to the aforementioned pain I possibly wasn;t as calm and helpful as i could have been, but we spent a lovely couple of hours coming out with these

I know,I should have chosen 1 or 2 of them, but i love them all :)

even earlier in the day, DH and BB took alfie to MIL’s for a weeks holiday in a toasty warm house! warm baths and 2 lights aside, alfie is still not partic active, tho will eat after his bath, so maybe such a toastie house will make him forget all bout hibernating! I hennaed SB’s hair – something i haven’t really done to myself since SB v young, brought back a smell of my youth! so her hair is lovely and glossy with red tones to it :)

finally, end of week summary – BBhas left gym, she should find it fun, but doesn’t really, so no more! SB nd BB had last arts award, not clear why it isn’t running to me, sure there is a good reason? shame really, as have had a lot of exposure to differnt techniques. SB finished her animation, and BB did a lovely linocut. thurs SB had a spymasters session with guides, which she really enjoyed. SHe has done a pretty good bookwork week too all things considered.

minor panic that we haven;t bought xmas pressies etc yet – eek! oh well :)

2 responses to “Get that Christmas started :)

  1. Love the cards, the look very cute :) It was my intention to make ours into cards too :) Hope Alfie enjoys his holiday! Looking forward to seeing SB’s hair :) And we haven’t started xmas shopping either!

  2. Really awesome cards. Im feeling quite inspired by them to give it a go.

    Christmas shopping seems to be a non-starter in our house. A month ago we were on schedule, now we realise that 23 days may not be enough time to get everything. Ooops.

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