centerparcs 2013

I am determined to be on schedule for blogging, so that i can concentrate on all that other paperwork that is waiting for me [tax return, appraisal, etc etc!!] so last week was centerparcs week, eagerly awaited, our 6th one :) we loved it and were duly shattered at the end. what do i love about it?? being with my family, and did love the family only swim we did when everyone else too shattered ;) being with friends – shrieking down the rapids and giggling giggling giggling with our kids, all the lecielrouge family and the older making it up kids is fantastic. just wish we had got jax down too – next time tim, you need to nab the babies! it is great blimping and bumping along with swift porpoise like kids all laughing and chattering :) . i loved chillaxing in the lagoon with friends – tho really miss the salt pool :( .



i loved the snow :) made it really magical. our crazy loon kids still played on the park!

i loved games with friends and family – have christened 7 wonders now, tho haven’t worked out strategies yet :) . i loved it even more that wayne won the first game despite having gone to bed and having the moves discussed and done for him :)

I loved that BB and small had a really good friendship this time, as BB can be a bit left out as the big kids get bigger :) but also that all the kids seemed to have a really great time, and SB loved making the birthday cake for big too :) i loved sharing time and dinner with le ciel rouge – who aren’t in the blog pics not due to lack of importance, but because they have an exchange daughter currently so i am being careful :)

i loved that this time having deposited dh in starbucks, the end of hols spend some money was v v straightforward with both girls :) enabling an earlier get to pancake house. BB so shattered she fell asleep after eating hers!

less keen on forgetting bb’s swim bag last day – she had her costume on tho, so dh detailed to go back to chalet. I did fall over on ice once – the ppl behind said i was v graceful – think they may be being kind ;) I miss the salt pool :( and dh felt that the new ride would be far too scary for me :) so i didn’t do it :) tho he and SB were great fans!

so there you go, a quick blog post about a fab holiday :)

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