ready, steady bake!

much as i would like to leave DH testy test post on the top, some things are too good to hog the limelight forever ;) . In fact, he was testing a flickr app thingy to put on SB’s art blog – currently she can’t get the flickr pics on, so woefully behind!

Anyway, we have enjoyed all the comic relief GBB this week, leaving us with the desire to bake also. SB chose to make biscotti and macaroons, and BB the yummy looking chocolate cookies that claudia winkleman made :)

making biscotti time to bake biscotti out after first bake about to have second bake finished biscotti

egg whites

so that was all rather yummy, tho the biscotti and macaroons are presents!

We also did the RSPB birdwatch. Unfortunately it was the lowest turnout of birds we have ever had. Perhaps because it was so windy. whilst we were counting, SB did some sewing, BB moaned [ :) ] and I hennaed SB’s arm.

SB did a few home eddy things so she could have book out of book box :) , helped redesign her ticksheet [as did BB] and did a piano prac with me. BB also then did one, and having not done it for months, she realised she couldn’t find the note, had a massive wobble, and well, lets gloss the next hour :( I have promised to practice with her regularly.

We tried on all our kentwell clothes. BB seems to have lost a shift! As does DH! luckilly mine and SB’s fit. I need to make her one, ideally 2 new posher shifts, and a partlet. I took the taking in stitches out of her jacket. Her kirtle is tighter now so she is happier as thought it slightly loose! the new way of doing that tudor coif works better [tho still abit short at back] . also need to fiddle with my sleeves [have decided girls will still be pointed tho] so mine can be pinned. will also add black guard to my kirtle.

tortoise had a run around, a bath and some fresh dandelions from the garden for the first time in ages. BB was v happy that DH added a new mod on minecraft [woosh over my head] . we watched africa and monster in paris and generally chilled this weekend.

3 responses to “ready, steady bake!

  1. How did the macaroon making go? I was told they’re tricky? Mum loves them but so expensive to buy.

    • ok, but not perfect! taste yummy mind you, but we had a soggy bottom :) so have sealed the 2 together with melted dark choc, and then dipped 1/4 way with dark choc also. look and taste nice, even if not quite right. the biscotti, otoh, are fab

  2. mmmm baking…… damn there goes the diet again!

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