A scientific weekend

SB having been enthused by week 1 of new ticksheet [yep, i do know the rules of home ed, so looking forwards to next week ;) ] decided to look for some fun experiments for BB to do. She found a website and chose the puff paints that have their own blog below for saturday. Today we maid sherbert. we have citric acid, bicarb, icing sugar in the pantry. we made it, we did the science of it fizzing, and it tasted disgusting i would recommend instead 1 tbs bicarb 1 tbs citric acid and 3 tbs icing sugar as a better ratio! or even do it in teaspoons so good for a taste but with not so much to get rid of! however we did add a tsp to lemons to make lemonade, and that worked ok :) . lovely big sister to be looking for experiments :) . although they argue and squabble, and i really wish they wouldn’t, they do make good sisters. And SB is particularly wonderful with a good and loving heart x

we have also made natron to mummify an apple with :)

music has happened, a practice each day with BB , and one with SB. Practicing with them has a clear improvement. SB and I having a go at some jazz grade 3 pieces, which have extemporising in them. I am trying to work out how to ‘teach’ extemporising – do you think teachers just make it up for the kids? we did have fun. I must do it more often. Practicing together is especially needed with BB. she has got it into her head she can’t play an instrument as she is useless. all her friends play one – she says. the reason she doesn’t is because i thought battling over practicing one battle too many, and she didn’t *need* to play an instrument. clearly i was wrong. i was also wrong to try a cello practice as she was too tired, got in a tizz about all the above again for nearly 2 hours. exactly why i stopped practicing with her before. not sure of the right path, or even the least wrong path. anyway. happy piano pics :)

lots of minecraft has happened – which has reduced BB’s ability to think about anything else. she is really grabbed by minecraft, would do it and only it all day. when she’s not doing it she is looking on youtube for ‘how to’ videos. another reason to limit her time on it really. however it does have advantages. she has to plan ahead, think what she wants to do, recover from mistakes etc.

SB has done a fair bit of gardening – cleared her veg bed, helped DH clear the fruit bed and both girls have decided what they wish to grow this year. I am hoping to do better as not quite so much kentwell sewing to do. SB mostly flowers, and BB mostly things she thinks alfie will eat :)

Alfie himself is v perky, and had a good wander about today, as he often does. tortoises are fast wanderers :)

BB and I read some books together as we were snuggling together following the cello fall out. both are beautiful books, great to read out loud and with lovely pictures. Peace and calm restored.

we finished the day watching jumanji and then bedtime stories.

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