belated christmas!

every year we have a second christmas in january with dh’s mothers family. it was quite late this year! in preparation we made presents. I made millionaires shortbread, DH made s clements curd, SB made biscotti and BB made choc cookies. we thought we had made lovely hampers :)

Of course, the night before SB wanted me to alter a dress to fit her :) so i did :) . was v happy to be being a good momma :) . she does look beautiful, and very ‘cusp’ x x SB <3

i think it worked out really well :)

we had a great time, sb played some games with cousin A :) all loved their presents. BB got a bit tired towards the end.

other than that, this weekend bb has done 2 piano and one cello practice :) and v pleased that she can see progress. she has also done LOADS of minecraft and roblox. SB has been happily working her way through the hitch hikers guide to the galaxy series and we have played survive a couple of times. we have also completed her application for en famille together. this is a BIG DEAL as it would mean leaving us to live with another family for 6 months. TBH, I am not sure i can bear to be parted from her for that long. but, she is really really keen. i have seen other families do it without huge trauma! and part of home educating is to allow our children decision making skills and then enact them. eek.

2 responses to “belated christmas!

  1. Belated Christmas is a lovely idea :-). Always sounds good. Still fishing about SB. C says she’d told her she was going to Spain with en famille a couple of weeks back!

  2. Fishing? Goshing that was supposed to be. Though clearly I had been fishing for details from C!

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