A bit of an out and about week

I do wish DH would blog. He does do most of the home educating, he does lots of interesting going out and about with the girls doing the week. He does all the meeting with local home educators. If he blogged, this would be nice for me – i would find out what happened. Home educated kids can be pretty much like schooled kids. what did you do today – err nothing [head in book/playing minecraft dependant on whether SB/BB . The blog would perhaps be a bit more interesting – after all, i blog book work, weekends and weds. SInce currently work is being stressful, filling the whole of my life and more, i find myself to need to just go blah at the weekend , so nothing interesting here either! nag nag nag…

ANyway, monday the local home ed group had a synagogue trip. The lady there talked about the jewish religion, the clothes, the kosher food, the sabbath. It was interesting – apparently the lady seemed worried at first but was then OK [this is a direct quote from SB] They saw the everlasting light and learnt about the scrolls all written by hand [i have jut asked and surprisingly the kids are telling me!!] They had lunch in a cafe in town, which they enjoyed and then came home. Monday was ballet night and SB missed gym as wrist still sore.

tuesday neither of them remember doing anything ;) I think this was a bookish day :) – edited to add – apprently they did do something :roll: they went to my inlaws as DH had some jobs to do for them, they only watched a little bit of telly apparently . Also both had swimming in the eve :) Weds is already blogged for most of the day. When the deependers had gone home, BB and I did some draw a dinosaur from her usborne book

SB did some home ed book stuff and then some lute prac – linked to before playing her only tune :) . both of them went to Judo, tho i think it hurt SB’s wrist a bit.

Thurs was the home ed sports day. Both girls really enjoy this, SB certainly came home v grassy! They did rugby races and met and laughed with their friends. I managed to come home from work earlier than expected, and found DH had taken my key of my car keys, so had to wait for them to return. Played a few boad games, did some music theory with SB to make sure she understood the grade 5 intervals. In the eve I took BB to cubs, and really loved watching her happily skip in :) Cubs really suits her and it is wonderful :) . I think it suits her better than brownies ever did SB. She is going on the cubs camp in the summer, and we have a form to sign to allow her to shoot an air rifle – eek!!! SB went to have a ‘cook out’ at guides. Guides now suits her OK, as she has a group of friends there she is happy with, although they do try and persuade her to go to school, she isn’t saying yes.

Friday was conservation, starting half an hour earlier than normal. Again with the local home ed group. This time they SB dug holes and planted trees and made a ‘dead hedge’ out of sticks, BB collected stick stones and mud for the next group coming in. they had bangers and mash cooked over the camp fire and v much enjoyed their time there. [tho getting this info from them is blood out of a stone!] fri eve SB has ballet again. During the week we watched some of the wildlife in the hebrides programmes, and hoped to catch a glimpse of our friends on Rum, but we didn’t.

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