kentwell 2013

we went to Kentwell Hall for the great annual tudor recreation. it was fab. even dh enjoyed it this time [ a sottler]. there is still time to go, as another weekend for this event [where we will be parts again] and mini tudor events throughout the year.

Kentwell 1559
Kentwell 1559
Kentwell 1559
Kentwell 1559

SB started as gentry, but it wasn’t quite what she had imagined, so bella the fairy waved her magic wand and she became a still room maid, which she v much loved :) . BB had barnschoole in the morning, and then in the afternoon was a trainee pre-apprentice with the potters, which she also v much loved. i was in the cott again, but next year think i might try something different as i dont really feel i am learning any new skills, easy tho the cott is and convenient.

there were loads of school groups on the weekdays who appeared to be having fun, and i really enjoy talking to them. my fav is the weekends and general public days tho. it being my second year it felt good to know people, to talk and banter with other stations and generally feel like we belonged there. v happy that the girls and dh were happy too :) . one of my fellow goodwives in the cott and i worked out we worked together over 10 years ago! the evening dances and chatter were great too. :) . BB got her penmanship licence :) got to be king arthur in play for the gentry and won first prize at the fair for her wool sheep :) . there is a nice pic of me here.

Kentwell 1559 Kentwell 1559
Kentwell 1559 Kentwell 1559

Kentwell 1559

looking forward to going back next weekend.

Having written a long comment, just thought i would remind myself of nice stuff we made to remember!
Agnes made a delish breaded frumenty – there was no grain this year so she experimented with bread, and it was scrummy :) we had with dried fruit that were warmed in butter and sugar the first day and stewed peach the second.
She and I also made flatbread this year on the skillet, that worked really well and the kids loved
i made a pease pudding into pease farts with some oats and egg to bind, cooked on the skillet, also yummy
Katy made a veg aigre-douce [sweet and sour to most peeps] that was fantastic :) and also a lovely egg custard tart [in the oven]
i found out bb likes pottage if turnip free :)
I like it best with lovage and beer :)
I loved knowing more people at kentwell, saying hello and chatting on various stations and making business with dyers – a blue apron in linen for bb [tho she says she needs a brown potters one!] and my sheep colour hat was popped in before i left! meeting friends from last year and making new ones. getting loads of kisses from a lovely little boy at the end of the week :)

Actually ‘in very truth’ mayhap I should return to this blog and write a lot more anon!

so SB – well, thankyou to Bess for the loan of the golden gown, SB looked fab [as did bess!] unfortunatley bess was on her own bar the 2 children as gentry, so think it was more stressful and less fun than SB had thought it might be, and when she swapped out to let someone else try the gown, she realised she really didn’t want to go back to it. I was all a bit worried as didn’t want to feel we were letting anyone down, so talked to ‘the magic fairy’ bella, who is the ‘sorter’ at kentwell, and whose word is law :) . she pondered and said she would see what she could do. the stillroom – where sb has also wanted to go – were happy to take her, and bess was lovely saying that being happy was the important thing, so off she went. SHe loved the still room, worked hard [i think] and really liked making salves. So a def positive there :) I love having her happily telling me what they had done. She was a bit preteen in the evenings – i guess getting to the age where we just aren’t cool to be with! but she was fab at getting my dinner and washing everyones dinner stuff – her kentwell family jobs.

BB found she liked pottage, and red lentil peasen, mostly. but she loved barnschool. they did some fab things – beetle dissection, watched a pigeon dissection, learnt her tudor numbers to 100, got her certificate for signing her name with quill pen and gen had a great time there.
Kentwell 1559
then she adored the pottery, party because she loves pottery, and partly due to the fab potter who guided, befriended and coached her. thankyou v much :) cicely :) . because bb is better having eaten, we made sure she had stuff to eat in the privy place, and are still working out what to do instead of evening dinner, but as dh likes getting changed at the tent he can cook pasta there and bring back, and she also liked cereal. she loved it :) she enjoyed being in the play for the gentry [king arthur] a herb on the cart for the midsummer solstice festival and playinh 6 mens merrells with various people :)

6 responses to “kentwell 2013

  1. Michelle Markham

    Looks fabulous and I’m really looking forward to seeing you there next weekend. Mind you “easy tho the cott is and convenient” I just can’t agree with! Really hard work and very difficult to get a posset so not convenient at all! I’m so unused to hard work. Glad you all love it so much and your DH – can see sottling as being more his sort of thing. Can also see potters being sort of thing BB could really enjoy.

  2. grin, at the beginning of the week kat was our regular posset maker, and that worked out fab – she brought some partic nice possets and is such a lovely person. on thurs when there was just me and clare we kept hot water by the fire and multitasked with posset. think thurs was my fav day actually as we had a lovely day together [tho clearly loved having mattie and fortune as weekend daughters too :) - don't want tehm to feel unloved - and it was enough of a shock to them that their dear dad had died from influenza and his ghost kept walking bye :lol: ]
    forgot to say C was fab, and popped in morn and aft for hugs, playing games [and eating choc brioche ;) and the yummy pease farts i made - lol ] and she and SB made up a new tune on their recorders. if her parents weren’t dead from sweating sickness i would have adopted her too! saw more of her than SB!! and nice to have E coming for some dinner too – as we were light on thurs it was nice inviting people to dine at the cott to say thanks for various favours :)

  3. Michelle Markham

    tis lovely seeing pics of her. Thank you. They’ve enjoyed themselves too. In very truth however, happy though they are, I just want them home now. I’m not suited to Kentwell – just no good at anything – especially cooking! So can’t see me returning. But I do love you all being there and I love visiting. Such a fabulous place. Just magical.

  4. x x x i can imagine you are missing them – nearly home! I thought you had considered perhaps gardener? or gardener and possett maker?? just thinking of your beautiful waistcoat ;)
    I had said to DH before this year was better that i would always want him to do at least a weekend, so he could come on the manor if required. we only had one diff bb day really, when she was too tired and had expected something different in the dinner. luckilly a good wail – tho hard for me! – and a piece of chocolate did the trick! she didn’t want DH to go home tho, so he did an extra day. he seems much happier at prospect of next year, as i will have our FB with us too :) :)

  5. hi there! could you tag some of the people you know from Kentwell Hall from this album that i have on facebook? i do not know anyone there and maybe they will be glad to see their picture too! thanks a lot!

  6. thankyou. many are still there, and they will be all looking and tagging when they return, i am sure :)

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