week 25 ticksheets

i think it is week 25 anyway?
week 23 we were before kentwell, and think should have been a ticksheet! it was for sb a mostly music theory week anyway as she had her grade 5 music theory exam on the saturday.
week 24 we were at kentwell. so new things learnt – BB how to use a potters wheel, how to sandpaper down the fired pottery with a stone ready for glazing, making pots, game pieces etc. in the barnschool she learnt penmanship – and got her certificate – dissecting a pigeon, her tudor numbers to 100, and also her letters. SB learnt the uses of a vareity of herbs and medicaments, and made her own plaintain and beeswax salve, how to use mice to cure a cough etc ;)

so to week 25 – BB 12, SB 34 with lots of added gardening

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