Happy Not-Back-To-School Week

hmm, I have to confess that one of my daughters is starting school. this is part of a radical home education move. That of giving her choice, and the ability to follow those choices, although they are hard. She is going to school in France, as part of her en famille exchange. I have asked that her French family take the customary first day at school [ever!] photo, but just in case they don’t I took a picture of her and her French sister in front of the school when we were there :)

iphone 2013 3595

My other daughter is predominantly autonomous with her education, but with some prods :) which she either chooses to accept, or doesn’t. Hoping to keep her happy, follow her interests and provide a bit of stretch when allowed :) . Hoping also, since only accommodating her interests for 6 months, to have a few more trips out and about and focus more on what she loves. [well, apart from minecraft ;) ]

Also, for those friends of ours who are now starting school for the first time, I hope you have a great time and enjoy it :)

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