France update – starting school

SB has had a bit of a wobbly week this week, settling in , being nervous of school etc so en famille stepped in and helped her and her family with some talking at it seems to have worked out really well. Today on her phone call SB was pretty up beat, she didn’t have any problems, school boring, but she was going to work on that. she is gaining some french and the french family are filling her days and weekends. i am breathing again, and think it is going to be ok :) . they have done some stuff with scouts, played with young cousins, a bike ride got rained off, enjoyed baking with FrB

here is her first day at school


and here is BB really enjoying her phone call :)

Phoning sb

4 responses to “France update – starting school

  1. Aw love that pic of BB. I saw a similar look on Joe’s face when he was talking to Anna this week. Sibling love is very special.

  2. Wonderful photo of BB, glad all is going well for SB x

  3. Glad all is going so well and difficulties being worked through with no major trauma :D BB so cute ;-)

  4. Lovely pic of BB :-). Hoping SB has another good week this week and many more thereafter. Xx

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