week 39 2013 ticksheet

so BB made 16 in the end [a fact dvd and lego got missed off]

she printed off a certificate for her maths as she was v happy as she is finding in nice and easy. This is conquer maths which she really enjoys and is steadilly working through. I think she would be in year 4 at school? so this is nice to know that actually she is more or less at her right level. BB really doesn’t like to be pushed, she likes it to be easy :) , but i am happy that she is moving forward and doing the new things, conquer maths does seem to suit her well.

so I took a couple of ‘BB doing home ed’ pictures this week :) . she is doing some conquer maths and enjoying playing some christmas carols to me. I have taken a friend G’s advice, and after any prolonged break in practice we are doing 2 pieces of her choice [away in a manger and good king wenceslas] and one from way back in the book – started at yankee doodle, which she found easy and now jumped to st nicholas, also easy, and will hop in progressively smaller jumps until we are back where we had got to, or have another break and go backwards again! It is working very successfully tho :) thankyou.

She spent ages turning minecraft into the real world :) and having found on a website the patterns printed them and carefully did the whole process with straightforward shapes, and then nagged for a craft knife to do the complicated :) daddy helped with the glueing :)

General home stuff General home stuff
General home stuff General home stuff

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