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we are doing reasonably well at achieving our current home ed goals, which are keyed to BB’s aptitude and ability and style. She needs confidence she can do something to keep going, and losing this confidence gives us an agonising stalemate. SO, although I am sure her capability is in advance of where we are working, we are incrementally moving on! Key positives these last few months are:

actual getting on with some french – i read it, she reads and practices it in the week, and then lets me know when we can try a next book. not the quickest and most joined up way of learning french, but it is learning!

finishing explode the code 3 – think we have been doing this for-evah! have started on book 4. it is a great synthetic phonics programme which helps with reading and spelling. SHe can read well enough, but this is encouraging spelling and writing.

continuing to happily do piano practice – on her terms! We are again moving forwards through the books. she doesn’t want to play both hands together, but i think she is feeling comfortable with what she is learning againa, and i am hoping that we can at some point broach the 2 hand thing!!

but maths is going well, reading is absolutely sorted, writing is getting there and the oppositional defiance and total melt if not instantly understood/achievable is less often – possibly because we are working better with her on the aptitude and ability within her parameters thing. it is nice to feel we are working together and progressing :)

home ed stuff home ed stuff
home ed stuff home ed stuff

The new art class is also working nicely :) We have missed the arts award group, and also the pottery group. BB is quite arty and crafty – though like all areas, struggles if her actual doesn’t achieve what her brain wanted. SO having a regular arts group as well as art as a reg section in weds4ed is suiting her very well too. These are from her last 2 sessions – one on shading and making 3d, and the other on using watercolours

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iphone171113 006art group

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