A mostly bookish worky week with weds4ed

This week has been a bit of a head down and hit the books weeks. One problem with home educating is that you can be out too much to be effectively bookish! This hasn’t really been a big deal before, but clearly SB has the need to be motoring through some work, and to do that she needs to be at home. SO usual weekly things happened – SB has 2 ballet classes, guides and judo [she likes to do both mats] and also weekly lessons in french and clarinet. BB has swimming, judo [currently she only wants to do the first mat] and cubs – though she is considering football.

Monday and Tuesday were hitting the books days, so not really so much to be said about them!

Wednesday, though, was our weds4ed day, and it was full house :) yay :) . Unfortunately I had a massive migraine of mega proportions, so we put science to the afternoon and I just drank tea in the morning and was barely fundctioning. I didnt get properly dressed either, so hoping not in too many photos as couldnt brush hair! Kfish did art about Friedrich Hundertwasser, with links and links . The girls both enjoyed doing this. BB did hers on her own, and SB did hers with a group with lfish and e.

weds4ed 2 sept 2014

TheBabs did something mathsy, but I am afraid that i was a bit to medicated to enquire, and at this point BB went off outside to bounce a bit on the trampoline.

In the afternoon my topic was homeostasis, and we talked a bit about it in general, and with the kidney specifically. We had a demonstration experiment in progress of showing permeability across a membrane whilst dissecting a kidney. We had some pics also of nephrons etc, and i took people through how they worked.

weds4ed 2 sept 2014 weds4ed 2 sept 2014 weds4ed 2 sept 2014 weds4ed 2 sept 2014 weds4ed 2 sept 2014

After this SB and jfish did some french, and then everyone ended up playing games. All started with rapidough and then went onto computing for some. We adults chatted at some length outside and enjoyed the last of the sun.

Thursday was also an outing day, in that they went to SB’s lessons, with multisports home ed sports group. Basketball and dodgeball. BB spent some time recounting it to me, and this was really lovely :) . SB and I did some latin together as she has got to a new difficult point in theory exam, so we decided to park music theory until the weekend!

unfortunately friday didnt quite pan out ;) it was a wild place discussion session, and although BB played happily, sb forgot to take any book stuff to do. oh well! Then BB excitedly got ready for cub camp and was on such a high as she left. but as DH drover her there, and it took 90 mins, the sense of how far away it was got to her, so he ended up bringing her back in great disappointment :( . at least she tried tho. SB and I had a girls night in with pizza and wedges watching a film :)

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