not quite the planned weekend

unfortunately BB couldn’t quite do cub camp, not sure whether it was cos she continues to be unsettled, or because she felt it was too far away. Sb was a bit worried because we had planned a shopping trip. luckilly BB didn’t really fancy it, and preferred the idea of a home day. she mostly ‘putered, sorted the rabbits with daddy and chilled and destressed.

SB and I, on the other hand, spent a fortune! [well, not really] and painted the town red. We were mostly clothes shopping for essentials, and SB had some of her money to spend on not essentials ;) . So we went into lots of different shops, and lots of different changing rooms, and put in our memory things that were nice but too expensive without a sale ;) but we did actually buy quite a bit [well, SB had quite a bit!] and aftr some humming and hawing, SB got her ears pierced. We had lunch at a rather nice italian by the market [and slightly pricy! but it was a special treat day] and finished with a latte and smoothie at costa. we made sure we brought back something for BB and DH too. [which turned out to be just as well!]


the next day we did a bit of bookishness, as there are a number of home ed bits and pieces each girl only wants to do with me, played some board games and snuggled up with the stonehenge programmes currently on tv.

sept 2014 024 sept 2014 018

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