a family party weekend

hip hip hooray! my cousin martin is visitng from the states with his daughter O :) we last saw them 2 years ago, when O was a few weeks old, and just before martin emigrated to the states. His then wife J is american. unfortunately the marriage didn’t last when she was back home, so Martin is doing his best to be there for O whilst working his socks off so he can stay in the states. We were all v v happy to see him and O. Also lovely to see aunty and uncle M so happy as well. we stayed at the premier inn not too far away. SO here are some happy family photos :)

family meeting 2014 029 family meeting 2014 044

family meeting 2014 111 family meeting 2014 043

the kids walked around the nearbye park for a break. On sunday, after a quick drop in, we went to the national coal mining museum. intially mum, dad, m and e were going to come, but circumstances changed, and instead we were lucky enough to meet up with the SOTP crew. we went for an underground tour, which was really good. it is a previous working mine, and 140m below ground and takes us through some history of mining. no photos tho, as anything with a battery is contraband. def well worth a visit!

national coal mining museum national coal mining museum

2 responses to “a family party weekend

  1. lovely family pics :-)

    Love industrial museums lots and lots. Good weekend weather wasn’t it? Apparently this weekend is going to be good too. Fingers crossed as I’m feeling enough rain already!

  2. Danke für die Hinweise. In meinen Augen sollten Blogs auch zum Lesen animieren – und dazu gehört eben auch eine gut und leicht lelsheicre Schrift. Werde gleich dort ‘mal stöbern gehen.

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