biology weekend

I am feeling the need to do something out and abouty, so we went to the Biology Day. The sun was shining, we left DH at home to DIY and journeyed into the city. for once I parked fairly centrally to make life easier! We found the venue with ease and started looking about. BB was feeling a bit fragile about crowds and loud noises, so not completely ideal, but we are pushing the envelope! we started with the quieter areas = racing breeding woodlice, then making dna spirals and finally looking at mitochondria. BB found the crime scene too noisy, so we retired to the cafe for a rehydrate and re-energise! We then moved onto dissect an owl pellet and a chicken wing before going to the microscope room, where we were the only people so had a lot of attention. we guessed hairs from different animals and looked at lots of water beasties as well. Overall we enjoyed it, though SB is a bit ‘too old’ for it now – argh to my child getting older! bittersweet to see her moving on!!

big biology daybig biology daybig biology day

big biology daybig biology daybig biology daybig biology day


Afterwards we went for a treat lunch at frankie and bennies, and whilst SB and I finished and chatted, BB took advantage of the larger area to skateboard, which she has now found she has some confidence in.

big biology daybig biology daybig biology day

The next day we did a bit of baking – well SB did for the village bakeoff! and decorating her cake. It was a bit hectic as we had planned to go to a historical fair for buying kit, but with the bakeoff challenge, and classical civ skype tutorial, and wanting to also spend time with BB it didn’t happen! However, BB and I had fun recreating assault courses in the garden. The when SB was ready, she and I walked to the village apple day and submitted her cake for the bake off. It didn’t win, but lots of people told her how delicious it was, so she was very happy with that :) . we also had a peel off for the longest continuous apple peel [172 cm for me ;) ] bobbed for apples and pressed some apple juice drink. SB had her face painted and made a toffee apple. Very parochial but very chilled and lovely

apple dayapple day

On our return, BB and I decorated another of our tiles. All mine are glazed now, but SB and BB have one each left to do.

apple day apple day

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