Crafty weekend

I was working the mornings of the weekend and on call the rest, but luckily got to have quite a bit of time at home.
DH is in full DIY mode, turning bb’s bathroom acting as bedroom into a true bedroom. This weekend was clearing out the shower ( it will get a blog post!)
Whilst at work sb was doing bookish things and some music Prac and bb skyping her cousin ( with scintillating conversation apparently) and concurrent playing roblox with lots of laughter.
When I returned I did Latin one day with sb- we have slowed down and it is being a back burner! I did bb’s comprehension and spelling with her as she won’t do it with Dh. Both girls had a piano lesson.
The rest of the weekend was spent crafting. We did our lovely Halloween art. Mine didn’t work as I had hoped :( but useful to discuss thro with girls why I wasn’t happy and what I had learned from this. Bb did an acrilyc picture of a horse. After a lot of redraws and frustration that could only happily draw the head and neck, she decided to hide the rest of the horse behind a tree :) . One v happy daughter! The second also v happy as took 90 mins to henna her hands. Looked v good! She thinks we should take henna to Xmas camp, so will do that.
Otherwise we played games, survive and bananagrams – in English with bb and in French with sb- which gave me brain freeze!!

20141027-120100.jpg 20141027-120128.jpg 20141027-120142.jpg 20141027-120153.jpg

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