a quite boring weekend really

yesterday was a catch up on home ed day – a bit like homework! SB had been with friends monday and tuesday and then had had multisports and clarinet on the thursday and conservation on the friday – though she often takes some work to do there, and this time did chemsitry with jfish, which she found very companiable. Might be a nice thing to do regularly really as they get on well together.

so saturday was mostly a home ed kind of day, snuggled in the conservatory with me helping one and then the other and chatting and some games playing breaks thrown in. SB lost her retainers – argh! though luckilly we found them today. BB enjoyed doing her piano prac in the dark. Dh is currently doing work on BB bedroom-to-be, which is above the gloomiest dining room imaginable, so he had switched off that lighting circuit so that he can add 2 pendant lights from the ceiling. [he is v good at electrics]

november 2014november 2014

november 2014november 2014

we then snuggled up and watched the second brian cox programme and then doctor who [which i thought was a bit of a let down TBH]

Today was all about remembrance. we had 3 parades/services to attend. SB is in air cadets, so they had the main one in town [outdoor] and then they wanted volunteers for an outlying village one in the afternoon, so she volunteered. BB is in cubs, and was one of the supporters of the standard – quite proud :) . SO I went to this mornings with BB to take photos and go to the service, which we get to sing hymns with the brass band – very lovely. The service was a bit disjointed and the main sermon not really drawing in this time, so not quite as moving as previous years. Very lovely to see BB being so proud tho. DH said SB marched beautifully in hers, but was dischuffed that loads of people didn’t sing, and no brass band for him in town. The afternoon one was unusual, as in the afternoon, and my first baptist remembrance. i think it did very well, clearly the minister had thought very hard about what he wanted to say and how best to put across this message. Having the availability of showing short war clips clearly was helpful. probably the best service, though having a piano recording to the hymns is definitely not the same as a brass band! i had never been in that baptist church before, adn thought all the wood panelling stunning [tho did prefer the saxon/early mediaeval church of the morning.


lest we forget.

and back, we have finished off some home ed things, will play a game and snuggle up in front of the tv!

home edhome ed


2 responses to “a quite boring weekend really

  1. Title made me laugh, love the parade pics and the conservatory snuggly home-ed time. I have gone off Doctor Who a bit lately, just isn’t quite working for me. Can imagine piano practice in dark quite an excitement!

  2. I think i miss river song. always like things with alex kingston in them.

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