back to normal – ish!

ok, so we are back to nomal, or normalising, or whatever normal is! as you can see, the ticksheets in december peter out. life becomes more christmassy and relaxed and gaming/arts related rather than actual work. I am sure I remember this happening in schools too!

BB pretty much stops anything formal, tho still reads a lot including fact stuff and soaks up interesting things. it is a bit of a push to get her back into the swing of things, but hre we go. her ticksheet is essentially unchanged.

SB mostly did clarinet until after her exam [woot again for a merit for grade 4] and her french and classical civ stuff, with a bit of bio and geog thrown in. She has now pretty much finished the geog coursebook, so we are planning on using the revision book and doing practice papers and getting the style right now in that before the exams in may. Geog and classical civ i think are both exams, certainly for the gcse, that have a functional english component to them of grammar and spelling – not her strongest point! with biol, we have done weds4ed experiments that complement the syllabus, but have pretty much got to the end with some genetics stuff. the last section of her biol to do isnt really experimenty. she is a bit behind on where we haad hoped she would be]Will have to ask the kids if they want to redo some more practical biol stuff or start working towards chemistry. Having chatted about going for grade 4 piano this term, or abandoing and grad working on grade 5, SB has decided to go ahead with it. SO she has been duly entered, and we are hopefully going to put in the work for a pass/merit. Anyway, so far this week has been a pretty good SB educational week. we have looked at and honed her starchart [she prefers stars to ticks currently :) ] and tried to make it as reasonable as possible – showing what is ideally done, but like all our ticksheet/starchart iterations, we all know it isnt compulsary to follw and do everything! The gaps are for her to add things to. the activities top layer aren’t weekly, and are either fortnightly or monthly. It does look a bit intimidating… Am hoping that we will have some very good weeks as well as more slack weeks! certainly this exam home ed is quite different kettle of fish to the primary school – years up to 8!

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