a crafty weekend

had to delay blogging the weekend, as we made some birthday presents for DH! SB had asked for something sewing related for her birthday – she wanted to find a pattern and some material to make it in. So we went to a local little sewing shop that has quite a lot of patterns, and bought a butterick pattern she fancied and also some shimmery material to make it in. we had a fab time in the shop looking at bits and pieces and discussing, and also then we spent ages pinning and cutting out :) lovely bonding for me and SB

Homeed feb 2015Homeed feb 2015Homeed feb 2015Homeed feb 2015

my bonding with BB was over making birthday presents for DH – his wish list was an eggcup and a teapot with integral loose tea separator. so BB and I made egg cups out of fimo

Homeed feb 2015Homeed feb 2015

other than that, we chilled together and played games :)

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