this weekend is brought to you by the aeneid

well, actually, I was working a lot of the weekend. I do think the cheerleading over classical civ has been all i have done other than go to work tho! Actually, that isn’t true. I told SB i needed to have an activity to do whilst just sitting there with her to encourage working. she gave me the divergent trilogy and I enjoyed reading my way through them. we also watched the divergent film split over 2 evenings. so i am fully up to date with my young adult dystopian futures :)

SO here is SB, who has out in prob 16 hours this weekend of classical civ organising for the exam [including daydreams and texting friends :) ] but v solid work, so has completed her essay planning and the research/quotes/context behind it.

Homeed feb 2015

BB has enjoyed being left to her own devices whilst i concentrate on SB [when not at work] and DH concentrates on renovation of BB bedroom. SHe has therefore had unlimited computer time. She has still done plenty of fimo and also drawing. This evening she created hot wheels ‘darts’ sort of, and gave areas a points score which she had to count back from 100. so i am classing that as maths too :)

Homeed feb 2015

2 responses to “this weekend is brought to you by the aeneid

  1. Glad you could read. I need C to move her studying out of the kitchen and to a sofa! Problem is the kitchen is lovely and warm…

    She did do some on the floor of the front room and I did some tapestry but she far preferred the kitchen.

  2. Plus she has explained all the issues to me so much that I almost could take this controlled assessment too. Almost thinking I should have entered myself at the same time :-).

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