kentwell open day

so saturday was kentwell open day. it was a lovely sunny day, and friends were there – friends that after all this time feel like family :) . Even PP’s talk had a roseate hue to it. he must be cheering up, as he said lots of positive things and was all about looking forwards. He was very ill at the end of last year, and perhaps a brush with the working end of a hospital has caused some perspective changing. certainly my perspective changed with the illness and death of my sister in 2010, and various health related shocks of loved ones makes me constantly reevaluate and do my best to enjoy the here and now, not always look to the future or the past.

Kentwell open day 2015Kentwell open day 2015

I didn’t really take much in the way of photos, but caught these 2 of my gorgeous oldest with friends.

loved seeing the manor born [as said prev i dont see them enough!] and jan from sotp :) do wish we lived closer and jax, who we used to see a lot and now too busy teen schedules kind of stop the interaction, as well as lovelyem :)  . v grateful for the friends who helped me out by going on a walk when i had a slight wobble! [difficult week meant i had 'anxiety issues' , sometimes you just have to keep working through things as best as you can] x x

enjoyed meeting the few new parts that were there, chatting with the dyers and inspecting the pots, and hoping i get to be dyering again :)

ddriving home in the golden glow evenhing sun, chatting to my eldest whilst the youngest snoozes and then enjoying a hug and snuggle together back at home. perfick :)

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