Ticksheets week 10 2015

Fairly worky week. I think SB is getting fed up of exam work, so we have been mixing it up a bit but I am worrying a bit about how much there is! The French tutor is quietly confident that she is going to do well for that. The geog written paper she consistently is comfortably in the upper B area. We need to just keep going and now look more at the map work and alt to field trip. For the biol we have only done 1 paper 3 – again a comfortable B, but the 2 mcq have been on the c/d which is all about specific knowledge, so encouraging the revision work. Only done one alt to practical, again comfortably a B but showing up we haven’t really done much diagram work. So we are confident overall she should pass and working to make that a comfortable B. classical civ isn’t quite where we had hoped as it seems although the tutor has enthused and gone through syllabus elements, they actually haven’t done any practice work reflecting the nature of the exam. This exam is at the end, but I do have a feel of catch up to it.
Next week we have part work and part holiday to have a bit of a break, tho aware first 2 weeks April full of holiday things so can’t take foot off pedal too much!
Bb has been getting on quietly with stuff and making a big effort with maths and English. Can’t quite get her to see how helpful times tables are for division! She is also busy setting up a mine craft server.



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