ouchy hips and christmas camp [woot!]

the next week had a lot of lasts in it – mostly SB’s temporary last judo and actually forever last ballet. Still ploughing through the home ed, playing a bit catch up for the fun she had when SPD here.

DH finished making a home for the chickens, so they were moved in! they are free ranging during the day, and tucked away for night. in the spring they will move to the veg bed area, but whilst they are so new, we want to keep a close eye on them, and them on us!


weds we went to TB, and SB did english and maths. yes, I am having a bit of a wibble over english prep! G uses a different book, which SB prefers, so with little time to go, we swapped over! SB and friend did a lot of laughing over some goat thing on the internet :roll: and then we fimo-ed together. made some christmas tags/decorations and chatted. I find busy hands a good time for side-along chats with my kids, as no eye contact ;)
Home ed wedsHome ed weds

thurs i had a v difficult work day, and when i cam home, i realised my right hip seized up. during fri at work ppl kept offering me a wheelchair, and I succumbed to a stick. It was extreeeeemely painful until monday and then just painful [a far better state of affairs] . no idea what i did, bandied about a few diagnosis, but luckilly it was improving at the point i would have battled a and e!

Sunday we went to christmas camp – woot woot! It had been a lot more last minute this year! In fact, I wasnt sure it would happen, but there was space at sheringham and off we went. Obviously we had to have some drama on the way there, it was so windy that the wind ripped open a crack in the roofbox lid, so we came to a stop. luckilly not far from home, and also lucky that dh keeps various strappings in the car. we went back home, hitched the trailer and set off again!

We had a fab time, ignoring my hip! i love being able to spend time with friends companiably, playing games, sewing, laughing, cooking and eating etc! The kids were all pretty happy too. This is the first camp with wifi, and BB was actually the one unimpressed, as after all she likes them not to have so much screens! Also could have done with hiding SB’s phone at times too…  We did give the kids a shock by taking the nerf guns and attacking… lovely food, it is a shame that the ovens set off the fire alarms on xmas day – they had just been working too hard! no actual flames :) – so we had to evacuate . looking forward to seeing the camp photo – still on SB’s camera! Also did carols, music and crafting – tho a bit less this year. everyone happy with their respective secret santas. very convivial.

xmas campxmas campxmas campxmas campxmas campIMG_20151201_142318400xmas campxmas campxmas campxmas campxmas campxmas campxmas campxmas campxmas campxmas campxmas campxmas campxmas campxmas campxmas campxmas camp

I hadnt done any walks, but on the last day i decided we would drive our car to the beach so at least i could see the sea! not that i could walk down the steps…

IMG_20151204_120318909xmas campIMG_20151204_120638850

6 responses to “ouchy hips and christmas camp [woot!]

  1. How is your hip now?

  2. mostly a lot better. i just have to still think and be careful, so minimising grovelling around on the floor , or having bb sitting to much on it. thank goodness it improved so much!

  3. I was really worried. Glad you are managing xxx

  4. i was really worried too. still a bit, as not sure what it was that did it, so hoping it doesnt return!

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