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Making Mondrian

we all know mondrian, it is a uniquely forceful art style, uncompromising and easily recognised. However, looking at his art from early to late, there is clearly a development of it, in both boldness and simplicity. We concentrated on considering the iconic mondrian, and utilising information and images on the web and books of modern art we came up with our brief. We compared with Klee, a similar timeframe artist who was our previous subject, also with some ‘blocky’ images, and compared the styles – referencing colours, tones, images encapsulated. Quite different in fact.

feb2014 014

We started with choosing our medium. this time oil paints on specialised oil paper. We used a ruler to make our lines – not to regular a grid, using different sizes with a light pencil.

jan 2014 005 jan 2014 014
jan 2014 010

Having done this we added our colours. those looking for a later look limiting the palette to primary colours and more white. We should have given everyone their own turps/whites spirit well. we did quite well for a while, having one paint washing white spirits [and cloths] and one for droppering onto our white tile palettes. Also, we possibly should have started with yellow! We found out rubbing out lines caused patterning to the oils, and also that if the oil was thin, the pencil line shew through.

jan 2014 011 jan 2014 015
jan 2014 016 jan 2014 018

Finally, we waited for it to dry, and then went over the lines with permanent marker, as we felt our painted straight lines might not be so good.

feb2014 012

feb2014 013

Kontemplating Klee

I know! terrible alliteration. We have been mostly working on 20th century painters and art styles. We looked at Klee, talked about the variety of his styles, but concentrating on the more more blocky. I have always liked Klee, and have a poster of a north african scene in our dining room. We considered the blending of colours within the blocks, how there was a tonal impression in the picture, and then a few details making the whole image into a landscape rather than purely abstract. The children quite liked the blockiness being similar to minecraft.

We started with choosing the medium. we used djeco crayons that are similar enough to oil pastels but very easy to use. They are easy to blend. We used sketching paper. We had some fee paper to put our designs on and to use to practice belnding and then sketched out our blocks freehand with pencil.


Following that we gradually built up our pictures. Some going with bright and colourful, some going with contrasting blocking, and some quite idiosyncratic. I think mine is too picture representative, but I liked the one by TheB. We all got more proficient at blending and making different colours as we progressed, and some mixed colours weren’t quite what we had expected.

weds4ed weds4ed
weds4ed weds4ed

Here are all our pictures

weds4ed weds4ed

week 22 2013 ticksheets

SB has worked really hard this week. SHe has done a lot of music theory, and is now getting a merit in her practice papers. She has also done home ballet practice. some friends of ours suggested an app whcih you can also do on a lpatop to help with languages and is free. this is duolingo. I have suggested to SB that driving her french forward a bit will help her settle in more quickly on her french exchange, and she agrees, and also she can do italian on it, as we struggle there with the aural component.

I must take a pic of BB’s ticksheet before she rubs it out and starts again! I need to add a few things she did at cub camp.

week 21 2013 ticksheets

bearing in mind that it was ‘half term’ and bank holiday, so only 3 ‘working’ days, i think we did ok. SB achieved 28 ticks – lots of music theory as grade 5 this term. BB only 11, but a lot of playing in the sun. Our not so ticky ed stuff was the sky skills day out, as detailed below.

Sb ticklist wc 27/5/13

Tick sheets

week 19 2013 ticksheets

SO I have very definately made sure i took pictures of them this week!! TADA :)

Both have done well and will be raiding the book box. less music prac from BB as she really bashed her wrist, and SB only just picking up from her wrist injury – sigh! BB also pretty maths resistant this week, so need to make more of an effort at maths, reading eggs and explode the code next week. SB is in the middle of writing a huge story for galore park english currently.

here is how a bookish home ed day may work…

week 18 2013

realised i didnt get a pic of either tick sheet – weekend too busy and then they were rubbed off. argh! SB at 31, a fair mix of things. BB at 19. hmm, must capture this week then! BB happy with her music prac and is v happy now with reading. She is officially a book reader :) . not a writer yet, tho hoping that will come before too long! SB has started second galore park french and history book and is plugging through singapore maths. she is also working hard on music theory as grade 5 this term.

SB did show her ticksheet to friends tho

week 17 2013 ticksheets

It has been a half and half week with activity and bookishness. daytime out and abouts to multisports, the conservation group [which takes out most of friday] and the usual clubs and stuff. BB has lost her ticksheet, but doesn’t think she made 20. i dunno, she might hve done. Here is SB’s. since this term she has her grade 5 ballet and music theory, hoping to do a few extra of those. not much in the way of music prac as her sprained wrist hurt too much. SB has also finished book 1 syrwtl french :) woohoo :)

week 16 2013 ticksheets

This was a very good week for bookishness and ticksheeting, but not such an exciting week for going out and abouting, though we did have weds out at wodenswmeet, so not all chained to a desk ;) . Boom or bust really. SB did a really good week though, with 38 things on her sheet, a fair bit of variety and less faffing.

BB nearly made her 20 but is steadily doing things, which is what we’re after. beening out and about at the weekend though emeant that we are down on the music prac, so must get that going this week, or there will be tears again.

week 15 2013 ticksheets

a very busy out week, tuesday an eglish interpreting art into poetry and prose session which SB loved, weds history and then multisports thurs and conservation friday meant sb not so busy bookwise, and the weekend away at guides. so 23. but some of those do take quite a while to do.

BB did well as her things take less time and she had the weekend too. she has done some excellent piano and cello practice, and following nanny’s 4th finger excercises and breaking down that panic seems to have got us over that hump. :)

week 13 2013 ticksheets

i am doggedly putting these up so that i can reflect on good intentions and actuality!!

it was the easter week, we had my parents here and my nephew and niece, we mostly crafted, played games and watched the odd attenborough type thing. so bb doesn’t have a ticksheet. she did do music – cello and piano, and mum has given us some ideas for the 4th finger ‘hump’ . knowing the week, she did about 10, so happy with that, even if mostly crafting, knex and lego ;)

SB did complete a ticksheet. i asked her to do 2 practices and 1 home ed bookwork a day tho could be a shorter amount. She was aiming for 25 ‘things’ and did 24
and a fair bit of music prac – which was good :)