Christmas planning 2008

with the help of 2007.
things we learnt – if one’s sister is ill, one’s mum breaks her arm on arrival and one’s MIL isn’t well either, a big christmas for 13 is stressful! and you don’t see your kids much!
Therefore simplify a bit!! try and make most dinners in advance?

Sun – parents arrive

Dinner: jacket pots and quiche with peas

to make in advance – nothing!
to buy - 6 jacket pots, 3 quiches, frozen peas

Monday – 2 children 4 adults

lunch: soup and roll
Dinner: mixed veg curries with rice

to make: cauliflower and potato curry ; mutter paneer ; split yellow pea dahl .[ per 3 adults need 1 margarine tub dahl, 1.5 of each of other curries]
to buy: 4 tins matching soup; nice rolls from bakery;
1 cauliflower 2 large potatoes; 2 packets paneer frozen peas; onions; chopped toms [have spices and split peas]

or… leave this to the last minute, and if frantic suggest a take out!

Tuesday – probably still 6 ? sis

lunch: sausage or egg sarnies
dinner: ken hom vietnamese stew.

to buy: eggs; linda mac sausages; sliced bread
3 packs tofu. caulifower, sweetcorn, carrots, coconut milk, soy sauce

wed, christmas eve viv def here therefore 4 children 6 adults

lunch: beans on toast or ? butternut soup?
dinner: casserole – mum bringing a meaty one, therfore a veggie one for us with jacket pots ? dumplings

to make: butternut and sweetcorn soup; veggie casserole; dumplings
to buy: frozen sweetcorn ? out pumpkin ok
variety of root veg; 10 jacket pots

Thurs – CHRISTMAS DAY – oh my! [just 10 of us!]

breakfast: gammon; christmas muffins
11-ish nibbles: put DAd in charge of whole doing them thing!! party nibbles and champagne
2 ish Dinner: Christmas dinner, turkey [my mum], nut roast, ? veggie sausage each for kids] sprouts [8 per person], carrots[ 1 large carrot to 3 people], roasties, [3 potato and 3 parsnip pieces per person] , bread sauce [my mum], cranberry sauce, christmas puds [my mum - just 1 for adults and the chocolate one for children] brandy butter
Tea: cold spread , salad, sausage rolls, turkey sandwiches christmas cake [my mum]

to make: mincemeat muffins ; marmalade muffins ; chocolate oatmeal muffins ; veggie sausage rolls; nut roast cheese scones; brandy butter ; nut roast; christmas cake; mince pies
to buy; gammon [jane] ,
party nibbles – 2 packs, champagne
veg, meat stuff [mum], christmas puds
cheese, biscuits, crisps and nuts etc, pickles, salad, 4 x ready rolled puff pastry,4 x linda mccartney sausages

Fri – BOXING DAY [10 plus 6]

breakfast: leftover gammon, toast, muffins
Dinner: pork, ? quiche or filo pastry thingy?, mashed potatoes or jackets? brocolli, apple pies
tea: cold spread quiche, cheese, veggie spreads, salad, pickles etc as christmas day

to make: filo pastry thing, apple pies
to buy: quiches, 2 x filo pastry, jar mediterranean veg [peppers etc] jar artichokes, mozarella

Saturday [10]
breakfast – usual stuff!
lunch – ?
dinner – lasagne; garlic bread; salad

to make – lasagne
to buy – check ingredients; garlic bread; salad

Sunday [10]
lunch: linda marcartney sausage and chilli bean hotpot with whatever veg are visible!!
tea: should be just us! whatever!!


crisps/ sweets/ bread/ milk/ fruit juice/ wine

4 responses to “Christmas planning 2008

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  2. Is that 3 potato pieces or 3 potatoes per person? Because I don’t see how the former is enough ;-)

    You’re a wonderful hostess though – I would just put “sandwiches” for all those lunches!

  3. In fact. Can we just come.

  4. yeah, just come!! 3 potato pieces, though they are half potato sized

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