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Week 49 tick sheet 2013

I am quite surprised that I have managed to put all these sheets on here. If I am ever asked to provide evidence of work, here it is. I didn’t manage it every week, and July and August are entirely missing. It’s not the sum total of home ed, tho it is all the bookish element. It doesn’t count natter and chatter and discussing this and that. It doesn’t chart learning how to fit in society and not squash who you are. It doesn’t cover the fact that your imagination games and storytelling are getting complex and interesting, you read and think about things, you draw and that your skills in minecraft push you along. The tick sheet is just a tool. A visual reminder of what you can do when choosing things to do, and a record of your choices. Nothing more.


Week 48 2013 tick sheet

We are at 18 on Sunday ! Wondering whether bb will do 2 more today but unlikely! To say home ed has been challenging this week would be an understatement as bb has felt everything too difficult. This is because she has started new books: explode the code 4; bond verbal and non verbal 10 min tests, Collins grammar 1 and a new piano book! But once done she realised ok so hope becomes easier again


week 47 2013 ticksheet

unfortunately we lost this midweek, so there are some possible extra things that could go on it! [there are 16] But no documentation, no evidence ;) [so they tell me at work anyway!] BB had quite a sociable week with cubs swimming gala last weekend, where she got a certificate for coming third in one of the races. tues was arts group, weds4ed , thurs multisports and sat birthday party and friends staying over, as well as the usual evening swimming, judo [got her green/white belt from grading], and cubs.

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Week 46 2013 tick sheet

This week has been a good balance of doing different stuff. As well as doing 20 things ( tho we are trying to build up to 25) BB also had 2 local home ed things – art group and conservation group – and a trip out and about with home ed friends. In her after school activities she got her next judo grading – woohoo green and white belt- and a certificate at the cubs swimming gala for coming third.