Disappearing Baby :-(

While the girls are out enjoying themselves visting Jax I’m left at home (well I was supposed to be at work…). I’ve been sorting out enormous washing piles, and the big box full of the next lot (well now in fact) of clothes for Butterbean. Packing away the 3-6 months clothes already seems silly, especially as some of the 6-9 month ones are already looking like a good fit (partly helped by big cuddly cloth nappies of course).

But it also seems a bit sad, we sort of feel that we haven’t had little baby to enjoy for very long, becuase she already is so big (stuck right up in the 100th centile and staying there), ah well, plenty to cuddle :-)

Now, back to work……

Edit – Arrgh!!!! and they have too many clothes :mad:

Edit – Arrrrrrrrrrrrggggghhhhhh!!!! and now I’ve just found some more, hiding in a ‘viking longship…’ :mad:

8 responses to “Disappearing Baby :-(

  1. She may be big but she’s still an ‘ickle’ baby

  2. My husband (although he does have many other talents) would never be the one sorting out baby clothes, or sorting out enormous washing piles. What am I doing wrong?!!

  3. Chris (the portico)

    Well, if Alison was a paid NHS consultant I *might* just find the time to sort out the washing….;-)

  4. fibber!

  5. BB in my arms asleep in a babygro, and it just looks better than the clothes S wore when she started to walk

  6. Wow, you two (Helen and Merry) you do grow big babies! Isabelle still safely in 3-6 month clothes, thank goodness!

  7. Titch was a BF 98th centiler from 6 weeks and it was sad when she kind of ‘skipped’ a whole lot of clothes that I’d saved for 5 1/2 yrs because I’d loved them. We’ve just charity shopped the last binliner of baby clothes, nappies and the cot :-(

  8. I glad I’m not the only one Heather

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