Being more restful

various internet friends, and my DH, have suggested that overdoing it may have slowed down my recovery!! humph! so i have tried *really* hard to do nothing today and totally hated it.

i did nothing whilst the girls played a long, convoluted game of sylvanians mostly beautifully together [i heart sylvanians] , i did nothing whilst SB did her maths next to me on the sofa, and bb tried to make up the same maths to do in her little writing pad, ‘i have 2 bananas and 11 peaches so that will come to 15 pounds – rofl!’ – she didn’t want to do her real maths as she was too busy adding for 5 pages!!

i still did nothing whilst sb did her piano practice – v hard that! but she has finally finished bach’s air. i did nothing whilst they did more sylvanians, and i did nothing whilst sb did music theory.

finally i thought i was allowed to do something!! and watched with them the aztec and the egyptian what the ancients did for you. woohoo to doing something! the girls have really loved this. i followed it up with reading 2 chapters of the gladiator of capua and 1 of story of the world [joan of arc] to SB – and am being resolutely defiant!

One response to “Being more restful

  1. Hmmmmm…. well, B+ for effort then. Could try harder but i suspect it goes against the grain too much!

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