no time, no time

sorry about hopeless blogging. life is feeling v short on time, and blogging and reading others blogs is a casualty! wouldn’t be so bad if the man himself – whose blog this is remember! – did some catching up too!!

me – well, with the girls went and visited mum and dad for the weekend. always good to catch up, relax and be loved and spoiled!! though did have one of the most horrendous journeys down for roadworks, diversions and parkedness!! also saw my BIL and nephew and niece for sunday, which we all enjoyed. a flying visit from sis too. returned late on sunday. chris had a weekend of tidying, though i really wish it had been windowing. i am sure it is going to fall in one of these days.

monday girls did some shopping for ballet stuff and new cycling helmet for BB. SB had ballet, a bit of home ed type stuff done i think. tues is library day, and a visit to chris’s parents, with swimming then for both girls. i played some games in the evening, and we watched a rather boring fact dvd on ice age survivors.

so to today. latinetc! it seems ages since the last one, and i have really missed them! it looks like we might be making a few changes to structure and layout, a dynamic process! today i did science – as always – and slightly shorter sessions, which i think worked better. i had 4 mystery chemicals, and descriptions of properties of 4 chemicals, and we had to identify which was which. think it worked v well!! merry did some fab fimo craft – though sb did a beheaded version!! a latin refresher by katy. think sb has forgotten vast swathes! and some music from gina and our busy morning was busy! we were going to go to the park in the afternoon, but it got chilly, so merry and girls came back to ours, and there was fancy dress going on.

excitement for bb’s first rainbows! she thinks one of us will have to go until she is 7 :roll: we’ll see!! she loved it though. sb is currently in brownies, and getting more badges probably, then judo. we did a really good piano practice today as well.

the other thing we are doing is postcrossing towards some geography!! actually working currently, in that each of our sent postcards has been looked up on a map, and more excitement over the current 2 received.

5 responses to “no time, no time

  1. Does sb get badges from Brownies? Been none from Big’s Brownies so far, not that they’ve even done the promise ceremony that they said they were going to either :(

  2. yeah, but its up to us to look at the book, do them and provide evidence. our brown owl – after i deluged her with evidence – declared that in future my word would do, unless sb wanted to show and tell!!

  3. I remember my mum and her friend (my friend’s mum) being shocked that you were supposed to do the badges yourself. They’d thought that all the badge stuff happened actually at Brownies, and couldn’t work out why we only had 4 each, and some girls had millions. Am so glad Brigades don’t require any of that sort of parental involvement :)

  4. yeah, i hadn’t realised to start with either, so asked! then looked at the book with SB and signed her off for 10 of them – giggle. home ed makes it pretty easy. i think all the rainbows ones were done there, though it could just be we didn’t know then too!!

  5. I’m sure that when I was at Brownies we did most of them actually at Brownies. I remember various people coming in to test us.

    Its a shame that there doesn’t seem to be anything like that (Beavers) here for M until he’s at least 7.

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