christmas can be a quiet affair!

christmas wasn’t at ours this year, it was at mum and dads. we haven’t done that for 4 years! and there were no other family members. mum and dad and us. can’t remember that ever! so it was quieter, easier, more relaxed and worked. we missed my sister in florida, and toasted for her health at every opportunity [there were quite a few!]

we got there christmas eve in just over 2 hours, having expected the journey to take wayyyyy longer due to the inclement driving conditions! i think because we took a route completely avoiding m25, even though longer and wigglier it was far better. so we surprised mum by earliness – she was relying on us being far later – you just can’t win :lol:

anyway, got children off to bed *eventually* with BB having the most trouble falling asleep, we went to bed 2-ish, and they then woke up to do father christmas stuff at 3!!! aaarghhh. we did manage to settle them back down eventually, but were lucky i think that christmas day went so well!! the girls got sylvanians stuff, and few crafts and making things, games, a dvd, cd and ds thing. i got gloves, sweeties, biscuits and lots of love! and some slate, which we are going to get in the spring! chris got a wii! [v lucky!]. we were all v happy and had a lovely day. equally happy for the other days. we played games – board, card, ds and wii [my parents on the last 2 made me giggle!! - mum has been a resolute 8th in all mariokart races].

on monday, we had a visit my cousin martin and wife jaimie, and then a suprise by my sis and family on way back from florida. think they had a good time, but she was rather traumatised by death of cat [peacefully from old age] so didn’t get to do much more than hug. kids and martin all rather wild…

so here we are, back to work for me tomorrow, and i think chris and girls have some wii planned…

2 responses to “christmas can be a quiet affair!

  1. Thanks for spending time on the computer (wtgirni) so others don’t have to.

  2. Min gissning är att modellen är betydligt äldere än filmerna, men att namnet tillkom efter att Indy bar dessa skor i filmerna. Är det någon som vet var/om man kan prova ett par Alden Longwings i sthlm? Och var köper man dom till förmånligast pris?Per: Hur Alden storeksmässing? True to size?

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