my adventurous girl

SB had an absolutely fab time at her PGL holiday. it was a 5 day one, and she said it scored 9/10 and she would quite like to do the week next time as they didn’t do any swimming costume things… her favourite bits were the high swing thing she and maddy screamed down together, and the vertical challenge. she said the high wires were tamer than centreparcs. they loved building and floating the raft! the food was awful tho [she said, though the leek and potato soup nice]. she said the ppl supposed to enforce lights out told them as long as they weren’t wild they could have fun, so her room chatted way into the night, and she said the other 2 girls in the room were v nice. [only one shower required! - lol] it was a success! like all things, a few hiccups – a badly sprained ankle :roll: and a couple of more rowdy boy types.

we missed her tho, and were really really happy to see her back! and BB, who had been at nanna’s and had a trip to hunstanton on the bus. aww. so sat was mostly cuddling, reading and gen calming down [so a fair number of blast labs and horrible histories as well as me reading sotw and beowulf. played with rabbits etc etc!!

today SB did some music theory [exam coming up!] was excused ballet prac [exam coming up!] read some french, listened to me read a number of box books played with rabbits, and then BB decided she wanted a blue peter badge, so the ed ante ramped up! so we prepared something to say about a dinosaur pic for a blue badge, and we prepared a bit about her sowing dwarf golden french beans, and her being a golden french bean [lol] with some pictures as well, and then went to submit. horror of horrors, you have to be over 6. i submitted anyway in the end, let blue peter take the responsibility for her screeches!! so SB decided she should to, and has written out beautifully something about nature watching, which we will add pictures to and send as a green badge entrance and fingers crossed. not sure if via their website or by post the best??

now i am playing agricola online, and losing v bady!! rofl!!

5 responses to “my adventurous girl

  1. so glad she had a fab time.

    it shouldn’t in principle make any difference whether by post or website but C hand wrote hers and posted.

  2. It is just great they enjoyed the week i think, i’m so proud of SB and Maddy :)

  3. My two filled in the website form. Ernest’s arrived more quickly than Gwenny’s.

  4. we will post SB’s then, as she has presented it beautifully. hope she gets a badge

  5. and yes, i amv proud of them!

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