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sometimes my blog must read like school at home, and maybe sometimes like an untrusting unschooler! but i do believe still that we ed SB in a child led fashion, and BB autonomously! ANd this week, with a music theory and a ballet exam coming up, focusing on that has led SB to be rather productive in her work! she has certainly worked hard at both ballet and music theory, and ‘in the working groove’ has been careering across her potentials sheet to do 18 of the possibles. quite a lot of music prac, some grammar, some languages, bit of maths, bit of history, and obviously lots of reading! good for her! And so BB has also been gripped by the productive flow – in her own inimitable manner! i have given both SB and BB a bit of a long overdue piano lesson.

today is a latinetc day, but with a bit of a serious reduction in numbers. so it seemed pretty quiet, and we merged the groups. i did music theory, and had to admit to not feeling at all comfortable with quarternotes etc, so we had to do the crotchet, quaver etc. but think i didn’t ruin too much of gina’s previous work… i thought science would be more fun than it was. i wonder if the reduced assembly reduced the pleasure? or because i had already enjoyed doing music theory, i had ‘run out’ a bit for science? it did work tho – more or less, might relook at trying to watch the waves!! certainly having an OHP so we could look at waves on the ceiling was fun. and the pyrex dish and pushing pencils made it work well. hmmmm. a latin play from all but BB [ :roll: ] some french and then a moan and groan from me to adult companions! and the day was done.

home and chris has now finished some rabbit hutchery stuff, so rabses are in new palace :lol: and seem v happy. Sb wanted to finish her grammar book, but couldn’t find it. i declined to help, so she faffed about with maths – for nearly 2 hours! [tho if she hadn't faffed, i imagine she would have completed what she did in perhaps a quarter of that time - lol!] BB also did some maths, some writing, some aggravating parents and narrowly escaping being caged with the rabbits… and then made a fab pass the parcel which we all played later. finally she settled down with some felting after half heartedly opening and starting numerous half finished crafts :roll: and she needle felted me a pumpkin face! SB by now at brownies and then judo. BB has decided she is nearly old enough to go to things, so would like to do trampolining, dance and maybe rainbows. finished the evening with bang goes the theory, and SB and i have now started the 4th bagthorpe book, having finished the flavia gemina: fugitive of corinth

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  1. BB did lots of reflecting with Another, Another, Another and More too and a little French (while you were music theorying) :)

  2. something is going on in her head i think, as being exceptionally lap based…

  3. I struggle with american music notation and calling notes other thing rather than crotchet quaver minim…but also really like kodaly and the way it builds rhythm. So we have a mix of giving rhythms ‘name sounds’ and proper names. Singing songs just by learning and a bit of solfage (which also doesnt come naturally to me, but really wish I had learned by relative pitch). Makes me feel like I’m blagging it rather than confidently teaching it sometimes though :/

  4. yea, i am happy to do the ta, titi ta-a of helping rhythm aquisition, but like you, less based in the solfge. having said that, i think i always used ti-ri, but as gina used the correct tika hve managed to move over!

  5. ti-ka makes more sense for woodwind players: you can say it as you play :-)

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