cycling weekend

ok, the productiveness tailed off a bit towards the end of the week, but it was good while it lasted!
for our weekend we went for a mini camp in the peak district to do some cycling.

campsite v reasonable, and we chose the flat lower field even tho it looked like a rowdy group there! [they were, but i wasn't that bothered, would be much MUCH worse if they strummed a guitar] apparently 6 tents complained, and they lost some deposit money. but actually looked like a reasonable place to have a group camp. the bottom field had some more tucked away camping places, and also lots of trees and mounds of earth for the girls to run about in!

we took the new-to-us minnesota 4, which was remarkably easy up! it was plenty big enough for a weekender, and was waterproof when it rained. slightly more condensation than i am used to , but guess that is the SIG and the fact it is smaller! the mesh doors would have let in less bugs if chris had remembered to shut them! anyway!!!


so sat we did some lovely cycling along the tissington trail to parsley hay, and then back along some of the high peak trail. it was only a gently cycle, as a family affair, but it was about 9 miles. and i loved the trails! we did geocache along the way, but only found 1 of 3. we didn’t have the clues with us, and TBH, we liked the wind in our hair cycling, so limited search time. the one we found was pretty easy, and released BB’s ammonite there. she is hoping it might go to places where fossils found, and even have a pic or 2 beside fossils. you never know! i think it would be cool to be found one day by any of our geocaching friends! [ooh, jut updating that it has already been picked up!!] we exchanged some beautiful marbles for a balloon – think that offsets the pinecone for pony! the stop at hartington for lunch had a signal box to explore, and icecream and tea… the parsley hay had a v good kiosk cafe!! nothing like an inducement when cycling! but my fav bit was sb and i setting off back down the high peaks, nearly reaching 20mph as we whizzed along! fab views and fab weather.


i’m not a natural athlete, but look, i am happy!


bye bye to BB’s travelbug


the next day we were not quite so succesful with the weather! we decamped and set off to do part of the manifold trail. we took the winding path route from hulme end to the cafe, but soaking rain caused us to take the quiet road back, which was at least much faster! the views there beautiful in a perfectly bucolic way! on the way back, i saw nothing, as had to remove glasses to see at all… [-3.5] :lol: BB was unhappy as not only drenched, but the trailgator made sure she was covered with a decent amount of mud from chris… we did stop briefly to find a geocache, but the rain was unrelenting, and BB lost the will to live. we pedalled furiously back to hulme to find that we were a bit too late for cafe, and so stripped off girls in car and dressed in pj’s. i stripped off in public loos and used driers on some of my damper areas! a v bedraggled girl and mum came into do similar. i also had ‘camping p’s’ as replacement clothes. finally we were all dryish and in car. thank goodness for flask of coffee and fruit and nut chocolate!!

before the rain

this is halfway back, sheltering in the tunnel, and then the rain became *really* heavy!

2 responses to “cycling weekend

  1. we had no rain here. Am sorry you did as makes cycling totally miserable experience. You have to start singing we will survive type songs :-)

  2. We did start off singing songs, but after the tunnel and the aborted geocache we were into head down, just keep pedalling mode Actually, I didn’t mind the cycling in the rain too much. Squeezing all the wet gear back into the now badly stuffed car and loading up all the bikes in the rain was much worse.

    Oh, and getting car loaded, then getting myself into dry clothes, legging it back to the car (a couple of hundred metres?) to find that BB was now desperate for the loo so had to leg it back and forth carrying her wrapped up in H’s coat. Oh was I glad I’d made a flack of coffe up at the campsite.

    Oh, and getting home, after out running the rain, to find it starting to rain almost straight away as I needed to unload bikes and wet stuff etc. :-(

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