Latinetc wednesday – exploring the periodic table

cutting out electrons, protons and neutrons about 250 of each] took way to long last night, so to bed v late and hard to get up and out this am. However, I had got everything ready apart from SB’s minimus which i asked her to add… yep, she forgot :roll: !!

We trialled the 3 groups today, which TBH I found quite stressful as a lot to say and do in a small time, the dynamics will take a bit of settling down, the middle group got a partic raw deal and i was just ready to cry. Lack of sleep on my part prob didn’t help, but I now have migraine. Will give it a few more tries as it works better for everyone else, and I really want to keep latinetc going as a strong group as it is fab.

That said, all the children had read or had read to them chapter 1 of real science 4 kids chemistry and we romped through the periodic table, protons, neutrons and electrons and then atomic mass unit and moles. I do think the 3 levels of the chemistry first chapters are all really great, and so far like the text. we did pre-k and 1 with BB and 2 with SB at home. We then shuffled my deck of elements and chose the ones to make a window decal each. For the first and last groups we read up about the elements in my periodic table book, but ran out of time with the middle group. I have suggested they might want to do that :) . i think the decals looked really good when finished. Unfortunately my camera had a flat battery, and the spare also flat. :( partic as when i checked last night there was allegedly 2/3 battery power left. Luckilly le ciel rouge took some photos and we plan to nick them from her flickr stream :)

[tho not periodic table view :) ]

edited to add at kirsty’s request :) to make the decals we got some of that bookbinding clear stuff [loads of it] and had an a3 size each. i cut out old 10p piece size protons out of yellow see through sweetwrapper plastic that you can buy, and the same with blue for neutrons, then 1/2p size in red for electrons, which we placed in shells, but talked about the unplaceability effectively of electrons and this was just for ‘display’. we put them on one a4 side, with the protons and neutrons clumped in the middle but accurately counted, and then folded over the other a4 side, and it worked :)

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SB did clarinet [with g's as hers is in service, and sounded quite good from the kitchen] minimus, tesselating art and skoldo french, all of which she enjoyed, tho she said the skoldo now too easy for her. K’s plan tho is to race through it looking for gaps in knowledge, so hopefully a fast consolidating race will work well for her and then move on. It is nice to hear her say french is easy tho :) . BB didn’t do french – no such get out again – but really loved doing z’s tesselating art.

We had a further chat about whether we could work into the afternoon whilst G and K take children to cello some short while of something else, either a bigger craft, a bit of music theory or perhaps some singing or group music. Whilst the morning stressy for me, i need the afternoon to be a bit less intensive, so it kind of depends how pans out, but really love the group, and it would be lovely to get a good working balance. SB and L shew each other their piano skills :) , poor J got *really* attacked by a thorn bush and i drew out a thorn of nearly a cm. He was *very* brave.

SB now at brownies, and showing off baby rabbits – one of the owls would quite like a rabbit she thinks – that would be good :), we are going to have a chippery tea shortly and then SB has judo. My imigran seems to be doing a good job on migraine and planning an earlier night tonight :)

Latinetc was brought to you today by:

also edited to add, with the chippery tea we watched the wallace and grommet inventions prog, BB and i played ludo before bed, and SB played with geomags after judo and before bed. I am having an early night i think :)

12 responses to “Latinetc wednesday – exploring the periodic table

  1. not enough info on how you did the decals! M just looked at Z’s photo’s and said it looked fab and ‘way better than anything we do’. Sigh ;)

    Shame you were a bit stressy, but sounded like it was a worthwhile day. Hope it all settles soon :)

  2. will go back and add shortly, need to pack SB off to bed and pack away geomags

  3. :) no rush, think I can deduce now that I have taken time to properly look through the photos *roll at self* May have to nick the idea.

  4. done it :)

  5. I think you’ve editted your books out…

  6. Helen, you did a fab job and I know you found it stressy but the children enjoyed it and i don’t think they noticed! :) With a bit more coordination and organisation we will hopefully get the groups to work more effectively. It was another fab day :o)

  7. I love the idea of the element decals – might have to steal that. It sounds like you all get such at lot of worthwhile stuff done at your latinetc days. Am very jealous!

    Helen, if it’s not too intrusive, I would love a password for your protected posts. Of course will understand if you would rather not, but would like to offer bloggy support if you feel comfortable with that.

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  10. Rather late comment. Just started looking at periodic tables with my girls and would love to nick the atom decals. Couldn’t use them without commenting!

  11. giggle, feel free to use! they were def great fun :) i would prob recommend stopping at neon, cos after that the children got upset about squishing etc :)

  12. Good point!! Think we may limit to top two rows of periodic table :)

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