A Bit Behind on the blogging

it is that time of year, a bit behind on everything really :( [tidying, sending cards out etc etc]
Mon and tues, i don’t know what has been going on, i think mostly playing ;) too cloudy for the telescope, which is a huge shame :( I have been doing loooonnnnngggg days at work as well.

But today :) see the logo :) it is historyetc. This week with the theme of christmas crafts. Not everyone could make it, as lots of christmassy activity all over the place, so we missed them, but still had fun :)

first craft out of the stable was chocolate making. we smashed 3 polos and stirred into 6 squares of melted milk choc and then filled a 12 days of christmas mould with them. was hoping at the end to take a pic of all the finished objects, but half of them were eaten within seconds :)


next we planned to do wreaths, and sent the girls out into the garden. Merry arrived and so her girls did chocolates. the girls did a fab job of getting lots of greenery. it became v clear that making the wreath bits out of straw would take longer than planned, so excavated out some old opitec kits, and the girls all happily coloured theirs in whilst Z mostly but i helped [grin] made the wreath bases.

Nanna and grandad bean arrived, having had a v relief inducing hospital visit [phew emoticon] and so hugs and joyousness :)

then we started the wreath crafting, and apart from some nasty stab wounds from the pyracantha and holly, it all went really well, and there were some very different yet all gorgeous wreaths created. BB and J went off and played instead, i think they did a bit of felting, as BB was finishing a mouse house. it took quite a while to do the wreaths, so lunch was pretty late. and didn’t have mildly alcoholic mulled wine and mince pies in the end, but did have carols blaring forth :) [even if some of them were sung by the monks of prinknash, and perhaps an acquired taste :) ] SB ‘judged’ the wreaths, and i think that went ok. not encouraging the ranking thing tho as always risks upset.
P1090769 P1090739

4th craft was making lovely bead christmas stars to hang on the tree. slightly complicated, but Merry worked them out, and then all did some lovely ones. we also started decorating the girls trees in the playroom. slightly scared by all the climbing up and down the ladder :) it was too cloudy though to wheel out the telescope.


4 responses to “A Bit Behind on the blogging

  1. *has Christmas craft with friends envy*
    conservatory looks utterly fab with all that gorgeous greenery in it.

  2. i did try to keep it as well, but all but one gone :)

  3. it just makes your conservatory look more lovely :) Sounds like a lovely day.

  4. i dooo love my conservatory :) BB was also not tired tonight as well :)

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