Just a quick post to say this is the advent calendar we have for the girls this year [obv 1 each :) ].

i really like the idea of an interactive, non chocolatey, and relative [relatively ;)] cheap alternative. My parents ahve bought the obligatory chocolate, but both girls disappointed that the moulds not changed! I should have posted this before, but those advently challenged, amazon delivers quickly, or give it a thought next year!

3 responses to “Advent

  1. Oh, that’s nice :) We have Thornton’s x 4 with their names on, and I still need to find the pop-up Eric Carle one!

  2. other nana bought a lindt one each mmmmm :) but yes,we really like it for a non chocolate change

  3. I think I’d like one of those :-) We have a Christmas tree made out of 24 match boxes (by P about six or seven years ago) with a tiny treat in each box. We always leave it to the last minute to go and buy the tiny treats but it’s quite fun to do because we can change them as they grow up.

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