christmas and birthday rolled into one :)

weds was an early start and off to a CHEF event – victorian christmas. we managed to be organised enough to get up and out and early!! we were v impressed, especially as we then got a proper place to park. Nice to see other home eds, as DH usually does the CHEF group things, i often don’t get to see people v often. Loved the community venue – apprently the k’nex session was there too.

We went in, most mums chatted outside or left, but BB keen to have me stay, and i am quite happy to do so as it is my non-work day. we started by making calling cards, as all victorians would have needed them to be announced at parties. A good idea first craft as simple and allowed those early to be gainfully busy and yet allow latercomers to join in easily.

[flickr id="6452569595" thumbnail="small" overlay="true" size="small" group="" align="none"] [flickr id="6452211887" thumbnail="small" overlay="true" size="small" group="" align="none"]

We then did some party games, hide and then seek an object, blind mans buff, don’t smile, then we sang a round and finally some dancing, which all went v well. BB clung to SB and was happy. then some crafts at the end. they had planned to be age specific, with similar age children at tables, as actually HE kids often spend time multiage, so some similar age options can be good . However this didn’t happen in the end. Both girls were v happy tho, making a decoupage snowman card, a silhouette cameo card and a horn of plenty. I did lots and lots of helping and enabling! we prob could have done with one or 2 more parents. The girls really enjoyed it, i think our historyetc days spoil me, as we parents put on a jolly good show of organised crafts :)

we then hightailed it back to the car and drove for 45 mins to arrive nice and early for BB’s and J’s joint party at a huge soft play place. It is a shame that the pulic sector strike was on, as it was pretty full, and i had thought it would be half empty! loads of dear friends from around the country turned up to help celebrate and BB was absolutely ecstatic :) thankyou all. She has loved all the presents she received, but as i didn’t see her open them, we may just have to write thankyou on birthday thankyous! the children all charged off and had loads of fun together, and we adults hugged the wandering wonderers and everyone that arrived, as lovely to meet irl. DH spent most of the time really carefully putting the cake together!
[flickr id="6454198887" thumbnail="small" overlay="true" size="small" group="" align="none"] [flickr id="6454191765" thumbnail="small" overlay="true" size="small" group="" align="none"]

The party tea was excessively noisy due to multiple hooters in the room and v v excited children. Excitement reached feverpitch when BB started interacting with her cake – shooting sugar angry birds at it :) :) Everyone seemed happy and well fed :) lots went to Merry’s for a bit, some followed DH home – a fact he was unaware of and lost some :) and I went off to gym for SB’s gym display. BB thought she had had a really really fab birthday and was soooo happy that it was just lovely.

Gym display was not so much, as although we were half an hour early – do you see the theme of the day? – all the seats on balcony run out and standing room at back only. Although loads of seats on the gym floor, these were apparently for disabled only. just before it was about to start, someone decided upper balcony too full, so a horde of late ppl got to sit in best seats!! [moan, gripe!] however, i did get to see SB doing her part of the display, so could tell her how happy, pleased and proud I was to cheer her on. And also Louis showing off his pre-olympics moves :)

finally we returned home, SB joining all her friends, and me joining mine, and we had a convivial eveing until way too late, which didn’t really help with the utter nightmare day at work that followed, but that i wouldn’t have changed :) Thankyou all for such a lovely day :) we have great friends

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