i am the voice of christmas present

I am struggling to find time to do justice to Xmas! mum, dad and m and e came up on the thurs before xmas. I had bought loads of crafts for all the children to do, and got the conservatory all ready for this, so when at a loose end they could plonk themselves in there and craft. Mum helped DH sort the house out for xmas, and i went to work. we started to feel all xmassy :). my b-i-l and his dad arrived fri eve and my m-i-l sat am. we were full :) . i don’t know my bil’s dad v well, but he was a perfect xmas guest, he seemed genuinely delighted to be sharing xmas with us. thrilled with presents from us, and more importantly, a great help with the washing and tidying up after meals!

sat was chatting, playing games all settling in and hunkering down, the prep for the next day done, we had made food in advance and frozen wherever possible. house was all glitzy and christmassy and carols blaring :). sherry, mince pies and carrots left out for santa, and reindeer food courtesy of le ciel rouge scattered outside.

christmas day worked well, so much of the prep had already happened, that the meal etc wasn’t such a big stress, and that takes out a lot of the day stress. the kids all were told they couldn’t go downstairs for santa until 8, and had to get us first :) . so they did :) and we piled downstairs. unfortunately i used mums camera for father xmas sacks – small, lovely and not full of tat :) . breakfast of croissant and pain aux chocolate for veggies and gammon for carnivores. the kids v happily got dressed and teeth cleaned and present opening began! think next year might do kids then adults or go back to adults on xmas eve! however everyone really happy with what they got. SB had a netbook, bb a telescope and camera and then some crafts, books and ds games from us, lego and sylvanians and various exciting things from family, and all happy. mum like the lizard i had made, and dad liked his choc brazzles in a bowl marked ‘grandad’s nuts’ !! we also added a family game of forbidden island :)

dad was in charge of nibbles and champagne half way through the present opening :) I had set the oven to be ready for 11 – what a fab think to be able to do :) and then we could enjoy seeing what we had and kids getting out the lego to make etc before lunch, on time at 2 :) the rest of the day was spent watching kids, playing games, doing jigsaws [bil's dad and my inlaws] and was actually v chilled for such a number. I missed viv, and could see mum and dad did too. none of us managed much tea :) boxing day was more of the same. bil and dad went home earlier than anticipated – before lunch – so some moments with e and m, all sorted and sunniness resumed. a day of craft, lego and wii :)

tues onwards had holiday orch, all 3 girls booked in, but bb dithered over going, and in the end stayed with m, and now def wants to go another time. e went, but came out of 2 of the 3 sessions in tears [i was in with her] only enjoying the choir. i think she was wishing bb there, and missing her dad. sb loved it :) strings, samba and gamelan. e didn’t go back the following day.

dad took us out bowling on weds, which was great fun, and i even got a strke! only dad was watching tho! the kids had great time, and bb did better than i thought – thank goodness for rails :) a lovely time out.

christmas was full of fun, laughter and good cheer. i tried not to be grumpy when the few ppl either barely helped, or helped making a meal of how much they did as a favour. really, it isn’t a favour. helping out is a sign of love and respect, my house may be the venue each year, but the care and effort is better shared. but small gripes! lots of game playing, lots of happy kids, and therefore happy adults. moving on step by step but still missing viv and especially at this time little nanny. x x

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  1. Hugs for missing loved ones not there with you other than in all your hearts. Woohoo to the strike!

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