being a christmas present :)

i have never been a christmas present before :) and actually I wasn’t this time either :( but SB and BB were :) . one of their friends had asked for xmas that they could visit us, so this was arranged for the first day when my niece and nephew had gone home. girls were v excited and inpatiently awaited their arrival. We had a great day with good friends. me and em got to chat and drink tea etc and put the world almost to rights ;) O got to stick things down, play and have lots of attention, and the girls all had fun. Both of them were really happy :) I had wondered if BB would be a bit left out, but she had just as much fun, so all good.

I was aseked to do a treasure hunt, and so wrote lots and lots of clues that sent the girls with O trailing all around house and garden until finally successful. some of them were better clue spotters than others :) . they all did a bit of christmas crafting that was in the conservatory, and then settled down to play smallworld v happily. well, it is a world of slaughter ;) whilst BB ds-ed. We handed on a cornet that had been handed along for them to try as a temporary swap for a bass recorder – much enjoyed :)

Finally after tea they went home. I don’t seem to be able to add photos still, but they are here

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