blog blah

you may have noticed a dearth of posts! i have blog blah! this has a multifactorial aetiology
1. not a lot of free time, far too much work
2. lots of things that are eating up my headspace but i can’t blog about them. being there means i can’t have enough headspace free around them to blog
3. i can’t get lightroom to work on so our proper flickr pics about 7 months out of date
4. i have some canada posts left to blog, tho haven’t because no flickr pics
5. even if i did have flickr pics, the blog doesn’t seeme to be able to see them or accept them any more
i have blog blah

3 responses to “blog blah

  1. I know this feeling. Lots of love xxx

  2. I know the feeling on the blog blah!!

    But on the photos front ~ I might be teaching my granny to suck eggs here, but have you tried copy/pasting the HTML out of Flickr (under the ‘share’ button on each picture). I find that works just about anywhere! ~ just an idea. I’ve no real idea how wordpress works, so this might be completely unhelpful, but I figure most blogs can be written in html if you choose to use it :D

  3. lol, i can do it a v longwinded way, but we had a plug in so i could scroll and click!

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