another family christmas :) and a games weekend

weekend 1: following on from centerparcs we had another january tradition :) family christmas for dh’s mum’s family at her house. very lovely. it is nice to see the family regularly, get to chat, break bread together and share a few select presents – dh and i don’t do so well here, but the girls do :) which is what keeps the day happy!! the girls had received some really thoughtful presents too, which suited their different personalities. the family were all looking well, we had some laughter about monarchy and daily mail reading etc. this year dh’s dad looked so much better than last year, being the other side of a knee op and a gallbladder op. i love family occassions :) and this was no exception. it is a shame that dh’s brother and his kids are so far away tho [ireland]

weekend 2: to ring the changes! having had a v exciting week, with friends taking home their gorgeous new baby, we shared a different birthday with a friend and had a games weekend :) it was a shame we started our journey from great yarmouth, as i had spent the day there for work. and the kids and DH had gone to a local museum and spent time on the beach. it was a looooong drive! however, got there, sent the kids all up to bed and played some games back to back :) def played escape from atlantis and forbidden island – both of which we really love! and was sure there was something else! we finished v late tho. next day the kids all beat us with the number of games they were playing back to back! we played some more games awaiting other friends arrival, and then carried on until far too late at night, so had to bail out of a game half played! more games the next day until time to leave. we had a fab weekend with friends, and lots of merriment :) I finished another shift more or less too :) perfick :):)

great games for mixed age and ability

games with specific kid appeal

hardened gamer types ;)

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