i do still have blog blah, but trying to close january before we get to feb, as it were. tho i prob should be doing stuff for work. [urgh]
[ and i didn't make it!]

centerparcs is a fb hol in jan that gets me through the post xmas downer and is a fab highlight of the early year. this year was no different :) we love sharing with friends, and have always shared with making it up, but now the soa is countable, we don’t fit :( luckilly le ciel rouge stepped into the breach and bravely agreed to share :) we had a fab time, with the jax and co just round the corner and meeting up with other home ed friends in the pool.

lots of swimming – twice a day, morning and night swim. was a bit knackering! the bigger girls mostly rapids and slides etc, popping by for a hello i am ok check ;) and bb mostly with me initially. to our great disappointment the salt pool was closed :( but rumour has it that they are building a ring flume thing, so not all bad. she splashed in ring, got admiring looks for her sharks fin, dived for seals etc and by midweek had a play thing going with small over it. but then they both decided they could do rapids!! and had a fab time. i also enjoyed the rapids more this year, and giggled and hooted my way down on numerous occassions [in a not very gainly fashion!]

in between swimming we did lots of board games playing and sewing – i had taken the wherewithal to make needlecases and most of the children made a needlecase or a little purse beautifully. i should have taken more embroidery thread tho! I also managed to sew a fair part of my first shift. love chatting and playing the games, tho some went on for aaaages! and we also got some films on dvd.

food was mostly prepped in advance, so we ate v v well, in fact had too much cake!! I loved the mixture of friends with a family holiday. get to see way more of my children than i do at camps, and still giggle and gossip with our respective friend groups. SB, as always, was a delight :) and once over the pyjama trauma of the first night bb was mostly too :) . fab time with a group of lovely friends :) thankyou

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