This is why I have been so quiet

All my time not interacting with kids, or being at work has been taken up by sewing. I have made pretty much all by myself [with a bit of help here and there to get tricky bits cut or sewn right], pretty much by hand, and pretty much in authentic wool and linen, 4 complete costumes for us to be tudors and take part in the annual recreation at Kentwell Hall.

sign off for DH
me for sign off

I am VERY proud of myself :)

9 responses to “This is why I have been so quiet

  1. And so you should be, it’s a phenomenal achievement. *panics slightly*

  2. deservedly so :-)

  3. Oh wowzer!
    Those are fantastic! What an amazing job you have done, you are rightfully proud – I’d be bursting with pride if it were my fair hands that had created such awesome-ness!

    Julia x

  4. thankyou all ;) :)

  5. They are brilliant :)

    • Great inigsht! That’s the answer we’ve been looking for.

    • Big Ears’ LamentHere I sit Broken HeartedBarnaby spoke yet only FartedMinchin left me to sit and thinkTurnbull stays to create a stinkBishop B hides beneath the stairsBishop J enthralled by her staresRuddock continues to defy deathHockey proves he is a waste of breathAndrews’s hair glistens in the sunThe rest are useless…One by one

    • Great discussion. I am a climber, never been to Everest. Don’t have the desire, don’t have the money, and most likely its beyond my ability to climb the mountain under natural ability without 02.

  6. Good to see real expertise on display. Your coiutnbrtion is most welcome.

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