the new year 2013

between christmas and new year we did a fair bit of chilling, crafting and play8ng board games[oh and i went to work!] and decided some new years resolutions.
1. chill out more
2. tidy up more
3. exercise more
4. reinvigourate home ed
5 eat less

yep, these are a bit repetitive ;) but still to be worked at :) . I was looking to see if I had written them last year, but I hadn’t. What i did write was a very private wibble wondering how i was going to face the year, and it is nice to have done so. much helped by my lovely dh, gorgeous kids and fabulous friends and family, so thankyou.

ANyway, crafting, playing, loving and living we got from christmas to new year, saying goodbye as family went home, and then after the chillx weekend, hello to friends. In between SB also got to try out her new sewing machine and made a couple of cushions :)

look what she made

New years eve was a bit hastily thrown together as we had saved the date for something that didnt happen, and then never got around to arranging anything else, but luckilly Zoe and Barbara were free to take us up on a games and tea kind of evening :) we did have mulled wine too, and assorted other drinks :) and a spanking dinner of jacket pots and bits and pieces. we played the after eight game – of placing it on your forehead and seeing if you can jiggle into your mouth – lol! as well as a num,ber of board games – i lost every one! the children all played some games too. zoe brought f her temporary german daughter – she must think we are all v odd!! especially since we had some more indoor fireworks. oe and family went home at some point after midnight. we tried another game and managed a 3.30 bedtime [including kids - argh!] and so a late wake up, pain auz raisin brekkie, and so a somewhat later pancake meal – 4pm! with more game playing involved :) . perfick :)

3 responses to “the new year 2013

  1. Happy New Year to you all!

    I don’t know about your resolution to reinvigorate home ed – you always seem to do so much! I’ve been struggling to get around the blogring recently (or blog, or actually get around to doing much at all on here) and you’ve done tonnes!

  2. thankyou :) [what a lovely thing to say about our home ed as well] . have to say blogging is taking a hit [as was visiting blog ring] as not enough time, but i so love having 8 years to look back on and know if i leave it too long then I won’t carry on!

  3. Yes – it is good to be able to look back :-)

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