so to a new year, holiday orchestra and wodensmeet.

honestly, i must do better at paperwork! i have a tax return to do, 2 massive paperwork forms for work, and i am behind on the blog! honestly, should do more living at arms length rather than directly!! :) so this will be a backdated catchup ;)

SB again did holiday orchestra, jazz with clarinet, intermediate strings with violin and folk. she was unfortunately v v coldy, so did struggle a bit, but loved it. she really wants to do an orchestral/band experience regularly now. obviously, i suggested she would enjoy this years ago, but some ppl like to take time to get there themselves… so now we shall consider our options there. unfortunately it might mean messing up the weekend – something i have been long relucant to do! she didn’t enjoy folk so much, and was v disappointed, as she loves folk songs etc. hopefully since it was the first time they have done folk, that it might improve. she also would have prefered she thinks the samba band! She had 2 sleepovers in this time, both that she enjoyed very much :) thankyou Morag and Katy. she loved quilling, and had a fab time at ceilidh, even if shoes fell apart!!! BB was unwell and miserable at home. I was working all that weekend tho, so not so jolly! she did do some crafting. We did send dh off to see SB in concert, hoping I wouldn’t be called into work, and luckilly i wasn’t :)

the next week we attempted to restart home ed in a meaningful way. hmmm, i guess you need to warm up to these things… However, we did have a fab wodensmeet.

There was a bit of sewing to start with, practicing different stitches [tho bb doesn't sew currently...] then I did science, divvied into 2 groups. I found this fab website for biology experiments, and I plan to work my way through them this year for wodensmeet, finishing in december. [or if the kids scream enough!!] we started with starches. we saw whether iodine reacted with a glucose solution, albumin solution or starch solution with a tap water control, and then we took a starch solution and diluted it by factor of 10, 100, 1000 and 10000 to see whether iodine would still test positive for starch. Next time planning to test for sugars, proteins and fats :)

Zoe had a blowing paint around messy craft ;) we were going for a more sunset/dark and moody version of this. We all enjoyed making them too :) . I am looking forward to zoeart :)


And in a fit of bravery ;) Em did some role playing for the girls [as well as clarinet for SB] , fuzzy heroes. mostly setting up characters etc and taking through one adventure. SB was happy enough, BB will give it another go – she was getting tired!

so a lovely start to the year :)

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