week 7 2013 ticksheet

this week i have been off work and the weekend was given over to socialising, and TBH the week before to making DH present as far a SB concerned! also, she spent a long time on some of the things – the biology, geography and history, so not such a completed sheet this week. more of an outward flow to the week i guess! Noticed a trend of BB not really chosing anything mathsy, so will also try and encourage that. SHe has enjoyed her piano practices and has now got half way through her piano book. oh and thankyou to party goers for the doodles :)

SB made 24 and BB 19

3 responses to “week 7 2013 ticksheet

  1. I never seem to actually get off the ground with lists or schedules. It’s my own lack of organisation that’s the issue not them.

    • thankyou for dropping by :) . my dh is n expert procrastinator, i am an expert faffer and so SB has inherited both. it is a double whammy combination, so the ticksheets are a visual reminder! like me, she likes pretty colours and crossing things off too ;)

  2. Our tick calendar that c spent hours making never got turned to February!

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