Preparing for Halloween

half term didn’t quite work out as planned :( . We had hoped to have my gorgeous niece and nephew with us for the whole thing, and at the last minute found out via my mum and dad that BIL wasn’t planning to bring them after all :( . Deep breaths! and mum and dad brought them up on thurs, but with strict instructions that they had to be back early sat. OH well, :( meant i didn’t get to see them much as at work. well, now I have got the grumble/disappointment out of the way I am going to go ahead with all the good things!

So, on wednesday I was at home and we had a working morning and then in the afternoon we got to do some crafting, and with discussion we mixed chocolate and art :) . So we got our disposable piping bag and piped a variety of halloween shapes and words. Skulls and spiders were are best.

preparing for halloweenpreparing for halloweenpreparing for halloween

SB and I cooked perogies for tea, which worked really well for a change! we used a sightly different recipe, and it took us ages, but lovely cooking and chatting together

preparing for halloweenpreparing for halloween

preparing for halloween preparing for halloween

when the cousins had joined us on thurs, there was lots of playing inside and out, and they had a great time together. pumpkin carving also happend – obviously :)

halloween 2014 803halloween 2014 805halloween 2014 801

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